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New Lift installations

Keighley Lifts offer a full design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and modernisation service with national coverage for all types of vertical transportation systems. We will work with you hand in hand from concept and design specification through to installation and beyond. We produce quality bespoke lift installations to the public and private sectors throughout the UK. We will analyse the specific requirements, for new lifts in existing or new buildings as well as the potential for major refurbishment and recommend the most suitable option.  The installation department designs and installs all types of electric and hydraulic passenger lifts as well as a full range of goods lifts.  We install lifts ranging in scope from a 50 kg service hoists to standard passenger lifts, hospital bed lifts, and high-rise multi-car groups.  We are happy to undertake difficult and non-standard projects 

Refurbishment and modernisation

We offer a fully comprehensive refurbishment and modernisation service. 

Each Lift Refurbishment contract is tailored to precisely and efficiently meet every Clients individual requirements. Where full Lift Refurbishment is not commercially viable, we can carry out upgrades of various lift components.

  • Auto diallers for emergency communication

  • Lift shaft lighting

  • Inspection car top control units

  • Lift car emergency lighting

  • Full Height infra red door detector edges to enable non contact passenger protection.

For a full list of upgrades please do not hesitate to contact our Lift Refurbishment Sales department

Service Maintain and Repair

Here at Keighley Lifts we have a comprehensive network of prompt, highly trained mechanics we actively work to reduce service calls and to ensure reliability. Our service department prides itself on customer satisfaction and quality of workmanship, our flexible maintenance plans will ensure your lift receives the correct level of cover for a safe trouble free operation. Our team of service engineers carry out planned preventative maintenance based on regular visits, we operate a 24 hour breakdown and repair service.  Every engineer carries a mobile phone and has a modern fully equipped company vehicle.  Each vehicle contains all the tools required to carry out routine maintenance or to attend a breakdown. We offer quality maintenance at competitive prices on all types and manufacture of lift from simple goods hoists to large multi-group high-speed installations.

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